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BIOS set correctly - so it goes

  • Oct 17, 2020
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The BIOS setting is correct - The BIOS is the interface between the hardware and Software, with the right settings, you can improve the Performance of your computer visually. We will show you how to do it.

BIOS set correctly - you should pay attention to

In the following, we enumerate different possibilities of how the performance of your PC in the BIOS to optimize. Note, however, that incorrect settings may have a negative impact on your System. Make only changes, if you are not sure what cause this.

  • The BIOS can only be created during the Boot-up process by pre-defined button combinations to open. Read in this article how to BIOS access.
  • Boot order: you Want to install an operating system, you should advance the boot order. Here you specify from which drive or Partition your Computer should start.
  • Boot time reduce: Also in the Boot menu, you can unused partitions and drives off. So will these when not even addressed.
  • Automatically-up: Under "Advanced" in the BIOS, you can set your PC at the same time automatically starts up.
  • Energy saving: you can Use a 32-Bit System, select the sub-menu of "Power" or the function "ACPI Support". In the case of 64-Bit versions of this Feature "ACPI 2.0 Support is". Under the tab "Suspend Mode" you can now save specific settings to the current. Here, for example, the power supply of the individual components can be adjusted.
  • Temperature: Under "Hardware Monitor", it is possible, among other things, the current temperature of the CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics card) to view. Optionally, you can even use the fan speed control.
  • Video card: The function of "PEG Link Mode" under "Advanced" offers you the ability, the speed of your graphics card to vary. You have installed in addition to the integrated graphics chip graphics card, you can disable in the menu item "Integrated Peripherals" in the unused unit. So you save time when booting.
  • BIOS backup: Under the point "Security", it is possible to access to the BIOS with a password to protect. So, you can avoid the other people change the setting characteristics.

You can use a MSI motherboard, you will learn in our next practice tip on how to get your BIOS successfully update can.

To set the BIOS of your motherboard correctly
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