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Word: page numbers starting on page 3

  • Apr 12, 2021
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To provide a Word document starting on page 3 with page numbers is not difficult. You decide whether you start with page 3, or by default, with page 1. The following example was created with MS-Word in 2016.

Step 1: Word-document into sections divided

So you can insert page starting on page 3, you must:your document into sections divided

  1. Click the very end of the text on the second page. Usually, this is the table of contents.
  2. Select the "Layout" tab in the menu and click on "breaks" and then click "Next page".
  3. You may need to get the Text on the result page back to the top, delete the manually inserted paragraphs. Tip: Under "Start" you can hide with a click on the paragraph icon, all the paragraphs and breaks.
  4. Now click on page 3 twice in the footer, and then deactivate in the menu the Option "link to previous".
Section break to insert in Word

Step 2: insert page numbers

  1. Click back in the footer on page 3 and in the menu select "page number". Here you can choose to pay for an item and a Design of your page.
  2. Word inserts by default, the page number 3. If you want to start at page 1, follow the steps below.
  3. Click "page number" to "page number format".
  4. When "page numbering", select "Start at" and enter finally, the number 1 in the text box.
  5. Confirm with "OK". Now your Word document starts to number the pages consecutively, starting with page number 1.
Word: page number on page 3

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