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Word: auto-correction off

  • Aug 13, 2020
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It interferes with the Word auto-correction, you can disable them safely. Not rare for words to be corrected wrongly or set of characters in Smileys converted. We will show you various versions of Word, such as the auto-correction options can be set.

Step 1: auto correction-open options

  • Office 2013: Click on the "file" tab and select the bottom-left of the "options" item. Under the "document audit" to find the "AutoCorrect options".
  • Office 2010: Click on the "file" tab and select the "Word options". Under the "document audit" to find the "AutoCorrect options".
  • Office 2007: Click the top left of the screen on the Office Button, and select the bottom-right of the "Word options". In the left menu you will now find the "document review" under which you can see the "AutoCorrect options".
  • Office 2003: Click in the menu on the "tools" button and select the "AutoCorrect options".
AutoCorrect options in Word 2007

Step 2: Word-AutoCorrect to disable

  • Here you will find under the tab "AutoCorrect" now many features that you can disable the auto-correction.
  • You do not want to use AutoCorrect at all, you can remove all the hooks. They interfere only individual functions such as the big letter words at the beginning of a sentence or to Convert the set of characters in Smileys, so you remove only a single hook (see picture).
  • Then apply your settings with a click on the "OK"Button.
Auto switch off correction in Word
This project allows you to perform exactly the same in Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and other Office programs.


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