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PDF password removal: how to

  • Jan 26, 2021
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The way to remove the password of a PDF, not every user is known. It is hard to work around the annoying obstacle. For this you only need to have the appropriate guide that you can find with us.

PDF: remove passwords

The Adobe Acrobat Reader, DC is one of the standard prorgramme for PDF files. These are protected with a password, it is difficult to edit the file. We will show you how to remove passwords.

  • You open a document using the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Once the document is open, select the menu item file from.
  • Under file , select "properties" and "security". Within this tab, you will find the document properties.
  • In the document properties, click show Details. In the window that now opens, you can now remove the password.
  • Depending on the Adobe version, it may be that you need a subscription.
  • Alternatively, you can use programs or Browser applications to manipulate PDF files, to remove the password. A selection can be found here.
On the "security" tab, within the document properties of a Password can be removed.
Dominic Schmidt

PDFs are, because of their usefulness to the most important files. As you create PDF files, we will explain to you in detail in the next tip.