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Out of office message in Outlook create - So it goes

  • Jan 26, 2021
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In Microsoft Outlook incoming E can answer emails automatically with an absence note, if you are a long time to reach. We will show you two methods, the absence of notes to set up.

1. Outlook: Quickly to the absence note via the "Automatic replies"

If you want to set up without any special rules, a vacation message in Outlook, is the right fix via the "Automatic replies". The following instructions work under all current versions of Outlook.

  1. Start Outlook and click the top left tab "file".
  2. Under the "account information" click on the Button "Automatic replies".
  3. Here you can select the period in which the absence of message is sent. To do this, activate the Option "send Automatic replies" and set the Start date and end date. Here you enter nothing, it will be sent the Auto-reply immediately and "forever".
  4. If you use Outlook for business, it makes also sense a bit of a slacker absence message for your colleagues ("Inside my organization") and a more formal for business contacts create ("Outside my organization").
  5. In the Text, you should specify the end date of your holiday and your absence. It is also useful to name the business the absence of notes, a representative can reach your contact in case of urgent matters.
  6. "OK" to confirm the absence of note. All the Mails from the start time will now be answered with the Text you have entered.
Automatic Replies

Sample Text for out of office notes

  • Your absence note, you can formulate according to the scheme on the Screenshot.
  • In our gallery you will also find additional templates for the absence of notes.
Text of the vacation notice

2. Outlook out of office note as a rule, define

With a rule, you can also create absence notes. This is a little more complicated, but also different in the absence of mails for different recipients. Depending on the Office Version, the instructions may differ slightly.

  1. After starting Outlook, click the tab "file". Here, the category of "information should be selected" already.
  2. Click below on "rules and alerts to manage". A new window will open.
  3. Under the tab "E-Mail rules" is the "New rule". Here, select "rule of mine received messages from the apply".
  4. In the Following you can select the cases in which the sender (with, for example, specific words), the absence note should be sent. The absence note should be sent to all senders of the received E-mail, select "through specified account" and choose the desired E-Mail account (in the event that you manage multiple accounts with Outlook).
  5. In the next window, select what should happen with the received E-Mail. To answer you with a template, you must put a check in the "this reply using a specific template". The template (Word file), click on the blue underlined Text ("a specific template"). Thus, the absence of a note is active.
Abewesenheit note via Outlook rule

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