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MacOS: how to change your Wi-Fi password

  • Aug 08, 2020
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You want to change the stored wifi password in your Mac? We show you a possible solution:

A new Wi-Fi password change, first of all via the Wi-Fi Router. To do this you go to via your Browser in the router menu. Such as, for example, with a FRITZ!Box works, read here.

Wi-Fi password on the Mac to change network settings

The Router was changed to password, it recognizes the Mac OS X from "Mountain Lion", and automatically at login for the new password. Should there be any problems and the Mac OS does not recognize the password change self-employed, you should remove the old password manually. And how it works.
  1. You can disable the Wi-Fi.
  2. Open "system settings" -> "network" and click "Wi-Fi".
  3. To make Changes, you must click on the lock icon in the lower left and your user-password.
  4. Then click "More options" and in the window, select "Preferred networks" the wifi with the password setting you want to change.
  5. Now click on the " Minus "button to remove this WLAN from the list, and then click [OK].
  6. Press to select [Apply].

Wi-Fi password on the Mac with keychain access, change

To delete the current Wi-Fi password from your Mac completely, you may also have the following setting in the keychain access needed:
  1. Go to the keychain access. You find them under "programs" -> "utilities".
  2. Select in the column on the keychains, the "System".
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the relevant network and select ["SSID-of-your-Wi-Fi," delete"].
  4. Confirm the safety query with [Delete], and then enter your password.
  5. Finally, click in the column "bunches of keys" right-click on "System" and select "keychain System protect".
  6. Now select the wifi network again and type in the password query the password changed.
What you can do if the Admin password of your Mac have forgotten, read here.