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Mac: The you should know about virus protection

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Actually, macOS is considered to be pretty safe against viruses & co., We will show you whether you really need a virus protection.

No requirement for anti-virus protection on the Mac

For your Mac, a virus is not needed for protection. The built-in safety features, together with a bit of care when you are Surfing all in.
  • Many users do not know that macOS has a built-in virus scanner. This is called XProtect and works exclusively in the Background. For the absolute majority of the threats is sufficient.
  • Not compared with Windows, due to the lower spread of many viruses for the Apple operating system. Virus scanners are, therefore, definitely not a Must.
  • Anti-virus programs consume a lot of computer performance and slow down your Mac. A virus scanner can be useful if you transfer files on Windows Computer.
  • Although Updates in Apple's security-not as regularly as in the case of Windows released, however, there are other tips to ensure the safety and security of your Mac.
Macs are very secure (image: Pixabay)

Some tips for a safe handling with Mac

With the help of these tips, you can keep security on your Mac, even without a virus protection program. But remember, to keep your System always up to date.
  • As a General rule, Backups are never a fault. You make regular Backups to secure your private files. Thus, they are protected in a rule, especially in the case of data loss due to software or Hardware error.
  • Be careful with questionable Software. Purchased applications from the App Store are free of malicious software, which does not apply to programs from file-sharing or other questionable pages.
  • You pay attention not only to the password input in the case of unknown sites that pretend to connect with your account, but you can disable especially the automatic Login. Thus, your passwords can be read out relatively easily.
No viruses in the Appstore (Screenshot)
In a further article we will show you how to use the Firewall of your Mac to turn off. If you disable the Firewall, you run the risk, however, gaps in security. How to make your Mac safe keeping, we will show you in another practice tip.


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