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Clear browser cache in Safari

  • Jan 15, 2021
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Delete the browser cache in Safari, in order to eliminate the accumulated data garbage. In the Cache images and data of the Websites you visit are stored to be able to load faster. However, after some time, a lot of unnecessary data to collect there. We will show you how to delete the Cache.

Safari Cache by deleting a Shortcut

You have two options to delete the Cache in Safari. The fastest way to do it via a Shortcut:
  • On the Mac, you use the key combination "cmd" + "alt" + "E".
  • On the Windows PC, empty the Cache via the Shortcut "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "E". It is a query appears as to whether you want to delete the Cache really. This confirm with Enter.

Safari Cache on Mac via the developer menu empty

You can delete the Cache on the Mac manually. To do this, you will first need to make the menu item "developer" is visible:
  1. Open Safari and click in the menu bar at the top left on "Safari".
  2. Click on "settings" and then in the window that opens, click "Advanced".
  3. You put at the very bottom of the check in the "developer menu in the menu bar. The corresponding point should now be in the menu bar is visible.
  4. To empty the Cache now click on the new item "developer" and then click "empty caches". (see Screenshot)
Safari-clear Cache
No Safari on Board? No Problem. We also show you how to use the Cache in Google Chrome, Firefox , and Internet Explorer to delete. What is it in General with the clearing the cache on it, you will learn in this practical tip.