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Mac Mini: hard drive swap - how to

  • Aug 13, 2020
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You want to upgrade your Mac Mini with a SSD, you will need to replace the hard drive. We will show you in this tutorial how this works.

Preparation for the replacement of the Mac Mini hard drive

  1. Backup: first, you should create a Backup of your system. Succeed, either with Time Machine or other Software.
  2. Pad: So that your Mac Mini is not scratched, place it on some kitchen paper or a towel.
  3. Tools: you will need a Torx T8 and a Torx T6 screwdriver. A 2 mm Allen socket is also useful, but can also be improvised. A couple of toothpicks should also be in the house.
Mac Mini Backup with Time Machine

Step 1: Old hard drive from the Mac Mini, see

Note: Perform each step with the utmost care. You can use a screwdriver can cause the smallest scratches to major damage. Removed screws should be ordered to be filed. All processes are done at your own risk.
  1. First, open the casing of your Mac Mini. To do this, turn the black cover with light pressure in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Approximately in the middle you will see the fan. To the right of the elongated RAM is located. Press the two metal pins gently to the outside, so you can remove the memory.
  3. Now remove the Torx T6 all three black screws on the fan and lift it slightly. Caution: The fan is connected at the upper side, with a cable.
  4. To remove the cable, you will need to pry the plug out gently from the bottom to the top. The manage either your finger nail or a credit card. Metal objects should not be used.
  5. Now remove the small screw at the bottom left of the housing, right next to the place where the fan was sitting before. To do this, use the Torx T6. You can then remove the left black plastic bezel.
  6. With the Torx T8 and the two silver screws on the metal-grid will now be removed. The left and right of the grid, as well as at the bottom of the housing in addition to the three screws with the Allen removed. In a pinch, you can also use the T8.
  7. Pull the grid slightly to himself, as well as to the top. Also, the grid is connected to the left side with a cable. The connection you can solve quite well with a toothpick.
  8. Now, the black oblong component is exposed. This is the hard drive. At the bottom left and right you need to pry the two Compounds with a toothpick high.
  9. Then, remove the very bottom of the last big bolt with the Torx T6. The Mainboard is now completely solved.
  10. The very bottom of the motherboard you will find two holes. Insert the Allen and Torx T6 or two of the toothpick and pull out the motherboard gently.
  11. The motherboard is also looking now at the bottom of the outer casing easily. Here you can to pull the motherboard again down a bit. Then the hard drive is easy to remove.
Mac Mini open

Step 2: Mac Mini hard drive swap

Note: when tightening the screws, that the screws are only screwed in with light pressure. To should and do not need to be moved to the screws.
  1. You have the old hard drive now in Hand, you can remove the black tape carefully. In the connection of the black plastic Connector solves from alone.
  2. At the back of the hard drive you will find two screws as anchorage. This will be removed with the Torx T8.
  3. Now take the new hard drive on Hand to plug in the Connector, and glue the foil back on and screw in the anchors again.
  4. Insert the new hard drive back into the housing until it snaps into place. Slide the motherboard back into the case.
  5. Pre-press the two contacts of the hard disk with light pressure to the motherboard. To do this, the toothpick is very good.
  6. You take the metal grate with the Wi-Fi module and make the connection between the cable and the motherboard again. Then, the grid is re-inserted and tightened. You can use screws to both of the T8, as well as the three Allen screws. Also, the large screw for fastening of the boards below can be mounted.
  7. Now insert the black plastic bezel back on and screw it down. In the upper hole when the fan is used.
  8. Take the fan and plug the cable back to the motherboard. Then the remaining bolts can be re-attached.
  9. Finally, insert the RAM and close the lid of the Mac Mini. The new disk is now installed.
New SSD for the Mac Mini
Mac Mini hard drive set up

Video tip: Hidden files in Mac OS view

Where exactly are the advantages of upgrading your Mac Minis are, you will learn in the next tip.