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Black screen: MacBook won't start - What to do?

  • Oct 25, 2019
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Don't start up your MacBook and still shows a black screen, you can solve the Problem in some cases. We will show you how to exactly proceed.

MacBook will not start - so go ahead

  • Start the MacBook, but a dark, grey image, there is still great hope for the MacBook. The right solutions you can find in the next paragraph.
  • The screen does not change from the MacBook its color according to the Start-up is disturbed the connection between Motherboard and Display, or even the whole Display is defective.
  • Even if the MacBook will not start at all, can take only a little. Usually this is a case for the manufacturers warranty of Apple or a paid repair.
MacBook will not start

MacBook will not start - help

  • P-RAM: Turn on the MacBook and hold directly the keys [CMD (⌘)] + [ALT (⌥)] + [P] + [R] key. Press and hold the buttons until the device restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second Time. By resetting the Parameter RAM are fixed temporary error.
  • Devices: Unplug all USB and Thunderbolt Connections to the MacBook. Under certain circumstances, a connected device is blocked is only the Start.
  • Monitor: Connect an external Monitor to your MacBook, check whether the Problem is with the Display or the MacBook. You get on the external Monitor, something is wrong with the Display. Such a damage should fix one skilled in the art.
  • Recovery mode: Restart the MacBook and try pressing the keys [CMD (⌘)] + [R] to get into Recovery mode. There, select the "disk utility" and click to check your hard drive to "Volume".
Key combination for the P-RAM Reset
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