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MacOS X: printer driver update - how to

  • Aug 06, 2020
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In this practical tip we will explain how you can update your MacOS X printer driver.

Printer drivers under MacOS X update

  1. You go to the App Store and click "Updates".
  2. Check here to see if Apple Updates for you a latest printer Software ready. You can update the Software via the "Update"Button.
  3. If there is no new Software for your printer is found, then you should go to the Website of your printer manufacturer.
  4. In practice, tip "printer drivers - how to" learn where you can find the appropriate driver for your printer get. Useful is also our driver-an Overview for a printer and a Scanner.
  5. The instructions for the Installation, you can usually find on the respective page of the printer manufacturer. When you install the printer software from the manufacturer, this might not appear to be updated automatically.
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