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Signature of iTunes is invalid - what to do?

  • Oct 25, 2019
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The error that the signature of iTunes is invalid, it is relatively easy to fix. How, exactly, read this practical tip.

The you can do, if the signature of iTunes is invalid

If the signature of iTunes (Windows / Mac OS) is invalid, helps, unfortunately, only a clean installation:
  1. If you are running the program currently, close iTunes first.
  2. Remove iTunes from your PC or Mac. We explain in other instructions how you Mac programs and Windows programs uninstall.
  3. Download iTunes then re-download and install it. Note: see the note Box at the right of the text, you can select your operating system.
  4. After successful Installation, the error should no longer occur.
  5. If the error is then still displayed, we recommend you to wait for the next iTunes Update.
Signature of iTunes is invalid
This practical tip is based on iTunes 12 in Mac OSX. What do you do if iTunes will not start, we show you in our next practice tip.





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