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iPhone photos on PC without iTunes - how to

  • Nov 29, 2020
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Photos you can transfer without iTunes from your iPhone to the PC. In this practice tip we introduce you to the three best possibilities.

Photos with the Windows Explorer on the PC

With the Windows Explorer, you can upload your photos without the need for additional program from your iPhone to PC:

  1. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the Computer. The required drivers are then automatically installed.
  2. In Windows Explorer, you can now find under "devices and drives" a new entry with the name of your iPhone. Click on this.
  3. Then open the "DCIM" folder. Your photos you can now Drag-and-Drop on the PC and save.
iPhone photos without iTunes backup (Screenshot: CHIP)

Images via the iPhone App store on the Computer

  • The free iOS App "Wifi Album Free" transfers your images via Wi-Fi from your iPhone to the PC. For this you only need to enter the displayed IP into a Browser on your Computer.
  • Then, you open one of the albums and upload the photos to the PC.
Photo Backup on the iPhone (Screenshot: CHIP)

iCloud: photos via the Apple Cloud to PC transfer

Your photos and Videos wireless via iCloud on the PC. To do this, you only need an Apple ID and the iCloud client; iTunes itself is not a prerequisite.

  • Once you have set up your iCloud, new photos automatically to your PC. How to Set up iCloud works, you can see in the Video below.
  • The only fly in the ointment: The iCloud will not work on any Generation iPhone. An Upgrade may be worthwhile, therefore. Which iPhone is currently the best character makes and what the cheapest is, reveals our latest mobile phone-best list.
iCloud to Sync

iDevice Manager: Comprehensive Backup Tool

  • With the free Windows Tool "iDevice Manager", you can save your photos with a few clicks on the Computer. The program works with all iOS versions compatible.
  • In addition to photos, you can also sync movies, music, and contacts.
  • In addition, it is even possible to use your iPhone as a USB Stick.
iDevice Manager

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