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iPhone order: The models ordered

  • Jan 17, 2021
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A success story since the first iPhone appeared in 2007: We have listed all the models of the Smartphones in an orderly sequence and, in the meantime, here came together a few models.

1. iPhone

With the first iPhone, the rise of the mobile Apps launched

  • The first iPhone brought Apple to the 9. November 2007 and ushered in the Smartphone era.
  • With 3.5 inch screen size and a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels, a beginning was made.
iPhone models (Quelle:chip.de)

2. iPhone 3G

  • Almost a year later, on 11. July 2008 appeared the first follow-up model.
  • A difference from the previous it is actually.

3. iPhone 3GS

  • 19. In June 2009, the iPhone 3GS followed.
  • The size remained unchanged, this was installed with the Samsung S5L8920 a newer processor.
  • Also, the camera has been improved: Instead of 2-Megapixel resolution, the iPhone 3GS managed to now 3.1 megapixels.
  • The Internet connection was with the new model are also better.
iPhone 3GS (Quelle:chip.de)

4. iPhone 4

  • With the iPhone 4, the 24. June 2010 came on the market, has not changed, only the Design - it was first installed an Apple A4 processor instead of a Samsung S5L8920.
  • The 5 Megapixel camera was also a further development, such as the screen resolution of 960 × 640 pixels.
iPhone 4 (Quelle:chip.de)

5. iPhone 4s

  • A variant of the iPhone 4 was released on the 14th. October 2011.
  • With the Apple A5 processor, the Smartphone was faster and the camera had a resolution of 8 megapixels.

6. iPhone 5

  • The next-Generation iPhone was born on 21. In September 2012, the light in the German market.
  • The iPhone 5 was a 4 inch Display, larger than its predecessors, but still easier.
  • The RAM memory was doubled to 1 GB in comparison to the previous models, and the Apple A6 processor, it brought more performance.

7. iPhone 5c

  • 20. September 2013 Apple released its iPhone 5c.
  • The differences from the iPhone 5 are actually marginal: The duration of a Speech is the new model slightly longer, as well as the Standby time.
  • Only the color palette for the new iPhone was really a new feature: the back of The iPhone 5c was stained and was available in White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.
iPhone 5c (Quelle:chip.de)

8. iPhone 5s

  • The same time as the iPhone 5c was the iPhone 5s is available for sale.
  • While the iPhone 5c was only available with memory sizes of 16 and 32 GB, there was the iPhone 5s storage sizes of 16, 32 and 64 GB.
  • The iPhone 5s, there was, in addition to the colours silver, grey and now also in Gold, and was a bit easier than the previous variant.
  • The main difference, however, was the processor. The iPhone 5S had the first two Chips: main Chip A7 with 64-Bit architecture, and the "M7 Motion coprocessor".

9. iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

  • 19. September 2014 marked conquered another milestone in the iPhone series: The iPhone 6 and its big brother iPhone 6 plus on the market.
  • The iPhone 6 with its 4.7 inch taller than the 5-series. With the 5.5-inch Display of the iPhone 6 plus put Apple, however a new benchmark in the Smartphone market.
  • Both models were offered with a storage capacity up to 128 GB.
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus (Quelle:chip.de)

10. iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

  • The successor was not long in waiting: The 25. September 2015 was the launch date for the iPhone 6s and the large variant of the iPhone 6s plus.
  • A new processor Generation, a doubling of RAM to 2 GB and a 12 Megapixel camera were the innovations of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

11. iPhone SE

  • The iPhone SE was more of a in between model appeared on 24. In March 2016.
  • It was somewhat smaller, but also cheaper than the iPhone 6s.
  • Was saved for the front camera, the section is much worse, what are meant just for FaceTime users at a disadvantage.

12. iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

  • The two iPhone 7 variants of the series was on 16. September 2016 will be introduced.
  • Visually, nothing has changed for the 6-series, the Hardware, however, shows differences. The iPhone 7 is, thanks to 3D Touch by finger pressure to operate.
  • The powerful A10 Fusion Chip makes the iPhone 7 is twice as fast as its predecessor.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a Dual camera.
iPhone 7 (Quelle:chip.de)

13. iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X

From the 22. September 2017 could be acquired, the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus for sale. The iPhone X have been presented in the same Event, Apple for the first time to the Public, was, however, only from the 3. November 2017 available.

  • Here, too, has not changed Design in comparison to its predecessor too much.
  • However, the back of the iPhone 8 is made of glass, so that the Smartphone can also be by means of Qi charging devices charged
  • The necessary Power for the mobile phone delivers in both iPhone 8 variants A11-Bionic-SoC processor which is also integrated in the iPhone X.
  • The iPhone can be unlocked via Face ID with the own face.
The iPhone 8.
Image: CHIP

14. iPhone XR / iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

On the Apple Keynote on 12. September 2018 were presented to three new iPhone models: The iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, as well as the iPhone XS Max.

  • All three devices are, by Design, the iPhone X is very similar. In addition, they all have the same Apple A12 Bionic processor.
  • The Smartphones differ above all in the Display: While the XR is a 6.1 inch large LC-Display is used, sets the Apple in his XS devices to OLED screens, which are the XS 5.8 inches and the XS, Max 6.5 inches tall.
  • The XS devices also support Dual-SIM, in the Form of a physical Nano-SIM and an eSIM.
The iPhone XR with its LC-Display
Image: CHIP