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set up iCloud - the best tips

  • Jan 14, 2021
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You want to set up iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, so there are some things to consider. We will tell you how the service works, what to look for and give you helpful tips.

How does iCloud and how do I activate the service?

iCloud can be used both on all mobile Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad as well as Macbooks and Windows computers. In addition, you can also access via the Browser on iCloud.
  • Function: The service is primarily used to synchronize your data and settings between your devices. To the same, for example, the contacts on your iPhone with the iPad. What settings and data you want to synchronize, you can determine for yourself.
  • Activation: Open the "settings"App on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Scroll down a bit and select the menu item "iCloud". Here you can log in with your Apple ID and your password (see image). This is done, is iCloud enabled on the device.
  • What features are available, and what you should observe, read in the next paragraphs.
iCloud is switched on

set up iCloud: These functions are available

Here we explain to you what is hidden behind the individual functions and what exactly happens if you enable the sync for this.
  • Mail: check for the first Time the function "Mail", you can create an iCloud Email address. Here you can choose a name, what "@icloud.com" to be hanged. Thus, you not only get a new, free and ad-free E-Mail address, but also an E-Mail service that synchronizes without any additional settings on all your devices.
  • Contacts, calendar, reminders, notes: Is on the synchronization, Changes made in one of these Apps transmitted immediately to the other devices when they are connected to the Internet. Therefore, when you modify a note on your iPhone, it will automatically be updated on your iPad.
  • Safari: The synchronization of Safari is recommended, therefore, because it is not only your settings, but also may set a bookmark.
  • Photo stream: the photo stream, you can not only sync the photos between your devices, but also shared photos of friends in your photo-Album, download. How this exactly works, read this practical tip.
  • Documents & data: Using this Option, you allow other Apps to save data such as game saves in your iCloud. So you can play Angry Birds on your iPhone and later on your iPad, continue where you previously on the iPhone stopped.
  • iPhone: It is recommended to enable this function. Through this, you can lock in case of loss of your iPhone locations, and delete, if this is connected to the Internet. Only if the Option is enabled, you will have this option available. How to make a tracking in case of emergency, perform, read here.
  • Storage & Backup: Here you can not only buy additional iCloud storage, but the Backup will activate. Once your device is connected to the Internet, to be transferred to any Changes in the settings, or re-shot photos in the iCloud for a Backup.
set up iCloud

iCloud memory is full - what to do?

The 5 GB of free storage is not enough for you, cost only 10 GB of additional memory 16 euros per year.
  • You should so the 5 GB is exceeded, we will advise you to a free service such as Dropbox, which is free up to 20 GB of storage space. Here you can from your mobile device to upload photos, but that's the bulk of the used memory.
  • You should take this option, simply uncheck the Option "photo stream" in iCloud settings.
  • Other providers, such as Dropbox, you will find in this practical tip.
iCloud storage upgrade

iCloud: devices with each other synchronize

The main function of iCloud is the synchronization between different devices. To do this, you need to set up iCloud on other mobile device or on your Mac or Windows PC.
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: here, you can Also activate in the same way iCloud.
  • Windows: For Windows you can use the iCloud Control Panel for Windows download.
  • Mac: On the Mac, visit the iCloud settings in the system settings.
  • Browser: On some services, you can also in the Browser, on iCloud.com access.
iCloud on Windows set up

More tips to the Set up of iOS, see the iPhone-special issue

More interesting facts and a lot of Tricks for iOS Devices in the CHIP Kiosk in our extensive special issue. On a 148-page Special, you can find everything about iOS 8, Apple Pay, Health, iMessage, photo library, and other Apple services.
  • In the CHIP Kiosk you find the iPhone Guide , either as a booklet or as a PDF for immediate Download, and fast to get Started.
  • In addition to tips on how to configure the iPhone properly, we will show you how you can shop safely search with DuckDuckGo or iTunes without a credit card.
Set up Icloud with the best tips
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