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Sky Ticket prices at a Glance

  • Jul 15, 2020
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A Online-Ticket you can view without a long subscription with Sky at different prices. What prices can you expect and what packages there are, you can learn in our practical tip.

Sky Ticket: Entertainment Ticket

First of all, we can tell you what you get with an Entertainment Ticket , everything can look and what is the monthly cost to you.

  • With a Sky Entertainment Ticket, you can watch the latest TV-series on demand.
  • Including the brand include a new series, this allows you to stream directly after the US launch.
  • Also Game of Thrones, as well as other Sky Originals you can use the Entertainment Ticket from the comfort of home look.
  • The Entertainment Ticket is of one month's notice. The costs are currently at € 9.99 a month.

Sky Ticket: Cinema Ticket

In addition to the Entertainment Ticket offers Sky a Cinema Ticket to.

  • With the Cinema Ticket, you will be able to see all movies that are broadcast in the period on the Sky Cinema channels.
  • These are the current movies that were only broadcast a short time ago in the cinema. This gives you the opportunity to see up to 20 TV premieres every month. Series are not included in the offer.
  • Also in the case of the Cinema Ticket is a month a subscriber for 9,99 Euro.
Sky Ticket prices for Cinema, series, or sports at a Glance
(Image: Screenshot Sky)

Sky Ticket: Supersport-Ticket

If you are less interested in films and series have, but a sports fan, you should the benefits of the Supersport-Tickets know.

  • With the Supersport-Ticket all sport ad-free events, which will be broadcast by Sky. The Bundesliga, the Champions League, formula 1 or Tennis, for example.
  • The Supersport-the Ticket you can book as a one-day ticket or monthly ticket. For a one-day ticket, which is then activated for a total of 24 hours after booking, you pay once for 9,99 Euro. A monthly ticket will cost you a total of 29,99 Euro. Both Tickets you have to pay only once and not quit.