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Helmets are compulsory for bike: All the information at a Glance

  • Aug 09, 2020
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The helmet for the Bicycle will be discussed with regularity controversial. The provisions regarding mandatory helmet laws for cyclists are not also regulated Europe-wide.

Helmet for Bicycle – the highway code says

For the helmet there are good arguments, but also against the mandatory helmet law, there is a good Argument. And for both points of scientific studies, which show the respective opinion exist. This is probably the reason why in Germany there is no mandatory helmet law for Bicycle riders.

  • Accordingly, they do not offend against the road traffic order, in short, of the Traffic regulations, if you are caught without a helmet on the bike. This applies to children as well as adults.
  • Do you own a Pedelec, you may so safely without a Bicycle helmet to ride. This is equal to according to the highway code, the Bicycle.
  • So you with an e-Bike on public transport may participate, you must be at least 15 years old. Furthermore, you will need a plate, insurance and a Moped license.
  • A helmet does not need to carry them on the e-Bike but also. In contrast to the Moped for which a helmet is.
  • In addition, the so-called Speed-Pedelecs are on the streets of Germany still on the road. The S-Pedelec looks like a Bicycle, but according to the StVO as a moped.
  • Accordingly, you need a driver's license of the class AM, a license plate and insurance. In addition, for the S-Pedelec, according to the highway code, Section 21a, paragraph 2, a helmet is compulsory.

Bicycle helmet abroad - these are the requirements

Abroad, Mr. duty on the bike, the different specifications prevail with respect to the helmet. In many countries, is the bike helmet to the safety of the children prescribed. However, there are also countries which specify a General helmet law.

  • In Spain helmets are compulsory for bike riders there is in principle. You are found without a helmet, it will cost you approximately 100 Euro. It should be very warm, you will likely go unpunished, because then you don't need to wear a helmet. The Same is true, if you beat an extreme incline with the bike.
  • A General mandatory to wear a helmet on a bike in Finland and Malta. In Slovenia, a helmet is compulsory for all, with the bike outside of towns on the way.
  • Globally considered, you must, for example, in new Zealand and Australia, a helmet is donned, if you want to explore the surrounding area by Bicycle.
  • In many countries, a helmet is mandatory on the bike for children. The age limits vary considerably. While in Austria, every child must wear under 12 years of age a helmet, the helmet is mandatory in Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Israel up to the age of 18. Years of age.
  • A helmet for the bike to 15. Age there are in Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.
  • In Estonia and Croatia, all under the age of 16, a Bicycle helmet. The Same is true for many U.S. States.
  • Conclusion: the provisions regarding The mandatory helmet for the bike are very different and change occasionally. In the same way as the fines for violations of the helmet requirement. Therefore, it is worth if you ask in advance. Our listing is an example to understand and not complete.
Helmets are compulsory for bike - there are a lot of differences in Europe
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