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Pokemon Go to Arena to take - so it goes

  • Oct 23, 2020
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On the way to the best Trainer in Pokemon Go, you can't go past the Arena Fight. As you are taking your own Arena and even to the arena Director will be, we explain them here.

Arena take in Pokemon Go

On the map in pokemon Go, you see not only the numerous Poké Stops, but always a striking large icons, with which the arenas are marked. Here you can compete against other players and the arenas, maybe even oral.
  • First, you need to reach Level 5, and one of the three Teams to join before they are allowed to join in the Arena battles. After that, nothing's stopping them.
  • There are three different scenarios that determine how easily you can take over an Arena.
  • The Arena is gray, she has taken no one, and you can place in this Arena without fighting a pokemon. In a rare case, you are immediately become a successful gym leader.
  • Most of the arenas will now be colored grey, but blue, red or yellow, depending on which faction this Arena defended just. You can take both arenas of your as well as of the foreign groups.
  • A place in an Arena, which is currently occupied by your Team, you can just put one of your Pokémon into the Arena.
  • It is important that no Pokémon-type may be represented two Times in the Arena. For example, is already a Heiteira of your teammates in the Arena, you must not send your Heiteira in the Arena.
  • To accept a Arena of a different team, you must defeat all the Pokémon in it, and your Motivation through the struggle back to Zero. As soon as the motivation to display in the Form of a heart is empty, you must leave the Pokémon in the Arena.
  • The opposing Team can give the increase, however, with berries and the Motivation again. The Motivation in Remaining with the length of a pocket monster defends a Arena.
  • No opponent's Pokémon are in the Arena, it will turn grey and then you should occupy fast with a own Pokémon.
Gym leader in Pokémon Go
To become a good gym leader, you need strong Pókemon with a lot of competition points. This rare, highly-developed monsters are. We will tell you where you pokemon find and how you candy and star dust, with which it can be more powerful.