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Pokemon Go: Where to find which Pokemon?

  • Oct 24, 2020
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In "Pokemon Go", you can find countless Pokemon. Where you can find what Pokemon, we will show you in this practical tip.

Here you will find each Pokemon in "Pokemon Go"

There is no exact information, where you which Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" for Android and iOS can find. You can, however, refer to the following places. Nevertheless, some of the practice tests have already shown that many Pokemon don't lurk where you least expect it.
  • Normal Pokemon you can find almost anywhere, such as on the street and in fields, sports grounds, and in the pedestrian zone, as well as in the school and at the University.
  • Rock-Pokemon discover them mainly in the city, in the vicinity of rocks, and in buildings, as well as on motorways, for example, as a passenger.
  • Plant-Pokemon frolicking on the Land and are, therefore, especially in Parks, on the farm and had to be found.
  • Water Pokemon can be found in the sea near the harbour and in the vicinity of rivers and other bodies of water.
  • Ground Pokemon you find often in Parking lots and playgrounds. They are also to be found in the country and in the city as well as at the airport.
  • Steel Pokemon are often in buildings, or can be captured on the rails, for example, in the train or the tram.
  • Flying Pokemon are often found on Land, in the forest or in gardens. You love nature reserves and Parks.
  • Dragon and fairy Pokemon you can find is often true of characters, especially those that are popular with tourists.
  • Fire-Pokemon frolicking usually in a house or apartment nearby, especially in densely populated residential areas.
  • Battle Pokemon you can find in sports stadiums or in fitness centers.
  • The beetle Pokemon, you can find often on the playgrounds, on the Land and in gardens as well as within Parks and the surrounding area.
  • Poison Pokemon you can discover in the forest, in swampy landscapes or on the Moor.
  • Ghost Pokemon are often found in the cemetery or in the vicinity of resting places.
  • Ice Pokemon to discover, especially in the snow and icy landscapes and mountain ranges, as well as in the Grass.
  • Darkness Pokemon are in the cemetery, but also in cultural facilities look, for example, in the cinema or in the theatre.
  • Electric Pokemon are often found in industrial areas or in the vicinity of suitable companies.
  • Psycho-Pokemon are often found in the vicinity of hospitals and other medical facilities.
Pokemons in "Pokemon Go" where?

These Pokémon are not anywhere in the world

Some pokemon in "pokemon Go" only in certain Parts of the world catch. You should have much luck, you can hatch such a Pokémon, but also from eggs, regardless of where in the world you are in. Is not assigned but still. We will show you what Pokémon it is:
  • Mr. MIME can catch them only in Europe.
  • Porenta you will only find in Asia.
  • Tauros is only available in North America.
  • Kangama and discover you only in Australia.
  • Important: Some Pokémon have thus far not at all in the game to catch. Everything you can about the legendary pokemon need to know, we have here summarized for you.
  • Pokeball is not enough effective Against these pests, you need a different gun.

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Pokemon go where can you find which pokemon
How "Pokemon Go" in the practice test scores, we will show you in a CHIP-Video. All about Pokemon Go through the Link.