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Pokemon Go: Stardust – so you get the star dust

  • Oct 13, 2020
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Stardust or star dust is an essential resource in the Pokémon Go. Fortunately, you can get him as a diligent coach regularly during your adventure. We will tell you how you can collect targeted him.

Stardust in pokemon Go: So, you see star dust

In addition to the Pokémon-specific candy, you need to die dust to train your pocket monster. In order for you do not prepare only with more life and power points better on the next fight, but will unlock, in time, the next stage of development.
  • In General, the following applies: other than candy dust is not tied to a specific Monster type. So, you can use the dust, you can get through a Taubsi for a Rettan.
  • For each of the prisoners of Pokémon, even if you have it already - you will get star dust. It is worthwhile, therefore, to catch all the monsters in the vicinity.
  • Use of star-dust, in order to strengthen their Pokemon, for further developments, you need only candies. As a reward for development but there are as when you catch a little Stardust.
  • To come through the Hatch, the third type, new Pokémon, you get star dust.
  • Also, you can leave your Pokémon in arenas for you to fight. As a defender, you will receive a daily Item-Bonus that includes also, as a rule of star-dust.
Pokémon Go - stars dust get

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Pokemon go to stardust so you can get the star dust
In addition to star dust, you need to also other valuable Items. We will tell you next how you in pokemon Go the special candies to find.