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Pokemon Go: candy get tips and Tricks

  • Oct 19, 2020
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In "pokemon Go" you need candies to your pokemon to evolve. In this practical tip we show you how to get candies.

So you get to candies in "pokemon Go"

So that you can develop the Pokémon more, it is important to collect Pokémon belonging to a species or a family. Each Time you receive candy. What are the tips you should take note of this, we will show you here:
  • Basically, you can get candies by Catching and Sending the wild Pokémon. Therefore, it is important to catch as many Pokémon as possible. In addition, you also get candy, if pokemon eggs to hatch. Learn more about this in the next paragraph.
  • You should collect candy to fit a certain pokemon. So you can both collect the same pokemon as well as related. For example, you need to Taubsi and Tauboga the same candy. With each catch, you earn three candies.
  • For the development of a certain number of candies is necessary. In the example on the Screenshot 50 of the candies are necessary, but only 32 available. The missing 18, you can catch, for example, six times Taubsi.
  • Where you which Pokémon to find, you can in this article read in. If you stick to it, you increase the Chance to find a suitable Pokémon.
  • You can use smoketo Pokémon track. All the info you will discover in a later article. Similarly, the lock modules are also conceivable.
  • If you send a Pokémon to the Professor, you will receive this is also a piece of candy. The for example, if you have many of the same Pokémon and there is only a little space. With the Send you will each get a Pokémon matching candy – and regardless of whether this has already been developed or not.
  • Tip: candy is quite easy to do it yourself - how to
Pokemon Go: candy get

Eggs hatch: So many sweets you get

Also, when you Hatch the eggs you get candy. The number of candies depends on the respective Egg. With these sweets, you can expect:
  • 2-km-eggs: Usually you get an average of 7 to 8 candies, with a maximum of 15.
  • 5-km-eggs: on average there are 15 to 16 candy, in the best case, 21.
  • 10-km-eggs: on Average, you get 23 to 24 candies for the Hatch, but to a maximum of 32.

"Pokemon Go"-Update: candies with Pokémon get Buddy

With the new "Pokémon, Go"-Update to 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS, you can pick up now, sweets, if you go with a number of Pokémon for a walk.
  • Once you have the new Update, you can select a trapped Pokémon as your Buddy. Together, they play side-by-side in "pokemon Go".
  • For a certain distance then you will receive candy for the respective Pokémon. In this way, you can develop your pocket monsters even faster.
  • Depending on the type and size of the Pokémon you have to go different routes to get to the candy. In General, they will cover one, two, or three kilometers, to get a piece of candy.
  • How many miles you have gone and how many of them are still missing, you see, based on the Buddy display.
Pokémon Go with a Buddy: candy

Update: More candy by new berry in "pokemon Go"

Thanks to the Updates of the second Generation "pokemon Go" there are new berries. One of them, the Sananabeere, ensures that you get more candy. We will show you how to do it:
  • The Sananabeere you can collect with a bit of luck on PokéStop and the catching attempt to apply.
  • You give the wild Pokémon, the Sananabeere, you will receive in the event of a successful Catch twice as many candies.
  • If you catch a Pokémon of the second Generation "pokemon Go", you get 20 candies. You use for the catch, however, is a pre-Sananabeere, so it is equal to 40 of the coveted candy.
  • Important: you can use in front of the catching attempt is just a berry, and these do not combine. You think so well, when to use which berry and where especially the use of the Sananabeere is.

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What other benefits it has several of the same Pokémon to collect, we can tell you in the next tip.