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Password Manager: The 3 best cross-platform options

  • Jan 24, 2021
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Password managers make your life easier and also make it safer. Because they will no longer need to remember different and complex passwords - just your master password. In this practical tip we will show you the Top 3 cross-platform password Manager.

Seat 3: Avira Password Manager Pro

Avira offers with its Password Manager is a good solution for your passwords.

  • The modern and clear Website, you can register quickly and easily.
  • Immediately after logging in, you can either manually enter a password to add or install the Browser extension and leave passwords in the future, auto-save.
  • When you enter new passwords for the Avira password Manager shows you how long it would take to crack your password. So you can get an Overview of how secure your chosen password is.
  • Avira Password Manager is free for unlimited use, offers for 24.95 €/year of useful safety features in addition to.
  • So you can get alerts if one of your accounts hacked was. In addition, it gives you information on insecure web pages, where you are logged in and to get information about weak and shared passwords.
  • The password Manager through the Browser on any device available. In addition, there are Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Thanks to the synchronization, you can access on the go from your Smartphone to your passwords and quickly on web pages log. The App is available for Android and iOS.
Avira Password Manager is one of the best password managers
(Image: Screenshot)

Seat 2: 1Password

1Password by Agile Bits is also one of the best password managers on the market and is considered to be the Manager, with the best equipment.

  • The Manager scores with a chic and simple Design and many functions.
  • The registration in the case of 1Password is simple and impresses with its security features. So will you, after the determination of the Master password is a Code given to you to log on to other devices, enter must.
  • Within the Web-App you can quickly find passwords of other providers, to import and easier to 1Password switch.
  • On the Dashboard you can create multiple vaults create and passwords separately from each other save.
  • To Create a password to manage very quickly. When you enter, you can also have a secure password with desired properties generate.
  • 1Password is available only in a paid subscription available and costs 32 € per year.
  • The password Manager is the Web-App is available in all browsers. In addition, there is a Browser extension for Chrome, Apps for Android and iOS, as well as programs for Mac and Windows.
In the case of 1Password, your passwords are safe
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Seat 1: LastPass

LastPass is considered by many Tests as the test winner among the password managers. Even in the free Version, it offers all the important functions, which should have a password Manager.

  • The registration and setup of the Computer is very easy. It is offered to you, existing passwords from other programs like Chrome or Dashlane to import.
  • Passwords can be stored in different categories and are arranged so neatly.
  • Lastpass is about every Browser available, and offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, the new passwords automatically to save can.
  • The Apps for iOS and Android are also easy to set up and allow you to easily log on to websites and within Apps on your Smartphone.
  • The paid feature offers, among other things, the sharing of passwords for multiple users, and options for access in emergency situations.
Lastpass is the winner of the test and provides even in the free Version with all essential Features
(Screenshot: Puia Zahedi)

In the next practical tip we will show you the three best Tools used to generate the passwords.