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Funny WhatsApp greetings for father's day

  • Jan 24, 2021
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For father's day on Thursday, will spread in WhatsApp again countless sayings and greetings. Where you will find original messages for your old man, we can tell you in this practical tip.

Funny WhatsApp sayings for father's day

This WhatsApp greetings you can copy easily in the Smartphone Browser and directly in the WhatsApp Chat insert:

  • Love: "it is Not flesh and blood, the heart that makes us fathers." (Friedrich von Schiller)
  • Naughty: "father is not difficult, except Mama wants." (Wilhelm Busch has verasst the original Version: "father is not hard. Father to be very.")
  • Ironic: "When I was fourteen years old, my father was to me so stupid that I could barely tolerate. But when I was twenty-one, I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in seven years." (Mark Twain)
  • Also very funny: "Where raw forces exercise pointless, since no button can keep the pants. Come on, dad!" (Friedrich Schiller, is the first part)
  • "If man is five, white dad everything. If you are twelve, do not know daddy everything. When one is eighteen, white dad nothing. If a man is twenty five, white dad a lot. If you are thirty-five, you say: "If only Papa would be there now, who always knew everything." (Christiane Fleury)
  • For the best dad: "A loving father, waiting and worried, that belongs to advises and share to the greatest gifts that God can give us." (Richard L. Evans)
  • Creative be worth it: if you Have funny photos on your Smartphone, you can use the images with photo Apps like PicsArt Photo Studio , even with the Text.
WhatsApp greetings for father's day (image: Pixabay)

Funny WhatsApp images for father's day, you can find here:

With WhatsApp, you can congratulate your father with funny pictures for father's day.

  • A small but fine selection of offers, for example, the website www.wunderwuensche.de.
  • Funny GIFs and Comics related to father or Lord's day can be found on www.linkpix.de. The website www.123gif.de also some funny GIFs to choose from.
  • Scour you images networks like Instagram, with Hashtags such as #father's day for matching images. In most cases, you can share directly via WhatsApp.
Funny sayings for father's day
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