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Dashlane: cost of password-Manager-Overview

  • Aug 08, 2020
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The password Manager Dashlane securely stores your passwords for you. The costs for this Service vary depending on the type of the selected subscriptions. We have grouped the various packages, their prices and their features for you.

The cost of Dashlane

Dashlane is a password Manager for all your passwords online in one place can save. The Tool offers three models, a free, a Premium and Business Version.

  • In the "free" Version of Dashlane, a limited Service package is available to you. The model allows up to 50 passwords, to store and to use Dashlane on one device. In addition, you can form and payment data, to make these in the future, automatically fill in.
  • The Premium Version of Dashlane will cost you 40 Euro per year or 3 Euro 33 cents in a month. The billing is done annually. With the Premium model you can store unlimited number of passwords and Dashlane on any number of devices to use. In addition to the features of the free Version, you can use a Darkweb Surveillance with personalized security alerts, and a VPN Service unsecure wireless networks.
  • You can purchase Dashlane for your company, you pay 4 € per month and user. For this you can use all the features of the Premium offer to the VPN Service.