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Lidl Connect to charge - so it goes

  • Jan 24, 2021
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The credit is on your SIM card from Lidl Connect low, you should recharge it immediately. Here we show you exactly how this works.

Lidl Connect charge: These are the options

First of all, you need to have a credit card from Lidl Connect. You can find this in the rule in every Lidl store on the checkouts. You can choose cards worth between 5 Euro, 15 Euro and 25 Euro.

  • You have purchased a prepaid card, you can scratch the twelve-digit recharge voucher code and redeem.
  • A tap of this is the "*100#" in the keyboard of your mobile phone and click submit. After your credit is successfully charged, you will immediately receive a notification.
  • You can put in your personal Lidl account and also your Bank details. In order for a Bank to enter is possible, if you want to recharge your balance. You must be at least 18 years old. On request, you can also set up an automatic recharge, so that your balance never falls to Zero.
  • You can also pay with a credit card.
  • Now offers Lidl the Lidl-Connect App for iOS and Android to. Here you can increase, similar to the website, the category of "Charging" your credit.
Credits from Lidl Connect to charge
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Next, we will show you how to get your cash at Lidl Connect queries. Finally, you need to know when you need to re-charge. In addition, you can use our vouchers in numerous Lidl-services save a lot of money.