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Sky Go on Apple TV stream - how it works

  • Oct 24, 2020
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You want to stream Sky Go on your Apple TV, this is not possible from any device. We will show you how to watch Sky Go without problems, even with your Apple TV.

Sky Q instead of Sky Go to stream to the Apple TV

Since the mid-2018 is the new service Sky Q is available. Too big of a difference between Sky Q and Sky Go is not.

  • While Sky Go is not without detours on the Apple TV streamed, it runs with Sky Q much easier. On any Apple TV 4. Generation and new, you can find the App directly in the App Store for Download.
  • The Sky Q App you can use on your Apple TV, but only if you have at the same time, a Sky Q Receiver. You can still use the Sky+ Receiver will be denied access to Sky Q App. For this case,

Apple TV: Is Sky Go streaming?

Sky Go lets you stream currently only limited to the Apple TV. The Transfer is only possible via a Windows PC, or MacBook. A own App for the Apple TV.

  • Unfortunately, there is no way Sky Go from iPhone or iPad via the Sky Go App on the Apple TV to stream. According to Sky is also not a possibility.
  • For licensing reasons, the Stream is not allowed by phone. However, there are detours and Alternatives.

Sky Go to stream to the Apple TV

Here, the following options are available to you:

Sky Go via AirPlay on Apple TV