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Microsoft's WGA checker MSI-setup remove

  • Aug 07, 2020
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When you Install the Windows Defender MSI Setup required after a WGA-examination by Microsoft. To remove this, has the advantage that you must not send any data to Microsoft and so your privacy true.

They remove the WGA check from the MSI Setup file

The used to install. MSI file is a script that calls the Setup actions. To avoid the WGA test, do not change the content of this script so that the relevant calls are made. To edit an MSI file, you need a special Editor, for example Orca. Microsoft offers it as part of a developer Kit free of charge. Can download it here. The Setup loads all necessary files from the Internet. Then restart the PC.
  1. Open "C:\\Programme\\Microsoft Platform SDK\\Bin" in the Windows Explorer. Double-click on "Orca.msi" and follow the instructions.
  2. Now you have to start Orca from the start menu and open the desired. MSI file, such as "Windows defender.msi".
  3. Click on the left under "Tables" to the "CustomAction".
  4. After right-clicking on the line "CHECK_WGA" select the context command "Drop Row" and confirm with "OK".
  5. On the left under "Tables" click on the entry for "Dialog". Then look to the right the line with "CheckWGA" and click twice on the column "Attributes". Change the value from "2" to "0".
  6. Then save the modified MSI file. When you run the Setup now, the annoying WGA-examination by Microsoft.
Similarly, it can be useful to disable the Windows error reporting. A tutorial can you find here.