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Word documents to PDF convert

  • Aug 12, 2020
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How to convert a Word document into a PDF file, you will learn in this practical tip. If you send the document by email or share it on the Internet, be ruled out compatibility issues with other users.

Word file convert in PDF (Word 2010)

If you have a document open in Word, you can save it in different file-formats - as a PDF.

  1. Open the appropriate document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on "file" and select the Option "Save as".
  3. A new dialog window, in the location, file name and file type can specify.
  4. Select under "file type", the Format "PDF" and click on "Save".
  5. The document is then converted into a PDF file and on the selected location.
Word document to PDF file convert
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Word file convert to PDF (Word 2016)

In Word 2016, you can save any document in PDF Format, however, the procedure is a little different:

  1. Open the desired document in Word.
  2. Click in the menu bar, click "file". Then select "Export".
  3. Click the Button "PDF/XPS document".
  4. It is a new window in which you specify the file name and location opens. Also, make sure that the file type "PDF" is set.
  5. Click on "Publish" to create the new PDF file.
Word document to PDF file convert
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Alternative: Word-documents to PDF Converter convert

The extremely comprehensive PDF Tool "PDF-XChange Lite" can be used for personal use completely free of charge. There are numerous file types, converts easily into PDF documents.

  1. Download PDF-XChange Lite , unzip the folder and run the Setup file from. Follow the instructions to install the program.
  2. Then open the document as usual in Microsoft Word.
  3. Go to "file > Print" and select as a printer "PDF-XChange Lite".
  4. Click on "Print" and the document will automatically be converted. Finally, you have yet to choose a location, and can then call the PDF file from there.
  5. Should you have any problems with the Free program, you can also for free WordToPDF attack. In our gallery we will show you how you can also use this Tool to Word documents into PDF files convert can.

In the next practice tip, you will learn how to use a PDF document to JPG Format convert. How this works, and you'll also learn in the above Video.