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Word: creating header - so it goes

  • Apr 11, 2021
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In the case of many Word documents, it is necessary to label the header. We will show you how to create this and sent format.

Header in Word, in three simple steps create

A header can in Word, it is easy to create.

  1. You open Word and navigate to a described page.
  2. You make the top of the font of the document, double click the header to edit.
  3. Now you can enter your desired Text in the header. In addition, Word opens, at the top of the screen, the "header and footer tools" - there you can specify, for example, the size and layout options.
To create a header in Word it only needs a double click above the text of a described page
(Screenshot: Felix Wölwer)

Header format

Often the head line, it is necessary to the left to label right-aligned. Such formatting are not a Problem, because Word already contains appropriate templates.

  1. The templates you will find under the tab "Insert". Select this and then click the top right button on the "header" (see image).
  2. Now, a drop down opens a menu with the Formatting style for the header. For at the same time the left-and right-aligned formatting Option "Blank (Three columns) is the best". The middle of the placeholder text, you can simply delete
  3. Not the Right one for you should be, you can also download more templates from office.com . The corresponding Option can also be found in the drop-down menu.
Word provides numerous formatting templates for the header
(Screenshot: Sandra Sporer)


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