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PowerPoint templates - how to

  • Jan 14, 2021
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To create In PowerPoint templates is not difficult, if you have incorporated a little bit in the Office program. PowerPoint provides you with numerous templates that you can modify according to your ideas.

PowerPoint templates create considerations:

Before you start designing, make a few basic decisions. You should already have a rough idea of how your PowerPoint should look like presentation later:

  • Your presentation in portrait or landscape format to better advantage?
  • Which Background is most effective? Should be the Background for all the slides the same or is it more effective to switch occasionally to the Background?
  • You want to create your template from scratch or you can save yourself any work by using design templates provided by Microsoft?
  • Which modules do you need? In addition to their texts and lists, you can spice up the slides with sketches, images, Sound and Videos.
  • In another post we have more Ti,. pps for PowerPoint presentations, put together with your audience to inspire.

First Steps

Presentation templates you create with PowerPoint, 2016, or PowerPoint 365 in a couple of clicks:

  1. First, create "file" and then "New" a blank presentation. Alternatively, find a suitable existing template. Then, you switch to the tab "view".
  2. You go to the group "master views" in the quick launch bar. There you have to click on the "slide master"Icon. After that, you can start with the design of their base slide called the slide master.
  3. On the left side of your screen you will see an Overview of all film types in the presentation template. Microsoft has already compiled a number of slide templates. You can customize these if necessary.
  4. You don't need certain Layouts click this to delete with the right mouse button. You can also duplicate, in the initial state, reset, or edit it.
  5. You can find the right Tools for your templates by selecting the corresponding tab. In the quick launch bar, select the appropriate elements or effects, such as, for example, an elegant Transition, or a cool Animation.
  6. You have made your PowerPoint template finished, save the slides in the other templates under C:\Programme\Microsoft Office\Templates\. As the data type select ".potx".
When Creating a PowerPoint template the basic structure of the "slide master"
(Image: Screenshot)
Templates for PowerPoint presentation create
(Image: Screen Design)

The placeholder on the PowerPoint slides

Placeholders in a Layout slide set, which elements are provided at a particular point in the presentation. PowerPoint differs a placeholder for body text, lists, images, Sound and movies.

  • On the individual Layout of the slides you will find a place holder to facilitate later, you and your colleagues to use the template. Unused placeholders, you can remove. To do this, click on the edge of the unwanted placeholder and delete it.
  • To insert a placeholder, click on the slide. In the ribbon menu of the tab "slide master" appears in the "master layout". Once there, select "insert placeholder". In the drop-down list, choose the appropriate Format.
  • You want to move a place holder or change its shape, first click on the edge. Then, you place it in the appropriate place on the slide and drag the outline into Position.
Placeholder edit
(Image: Screenshot)

With the right template, your presentation is guaranteed to be a success. With a few simple Tricks, you will impress and captivate your audience in addition. Under load, however, for example, some of the slides in your PowerPoint presentations with music.