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Outlook repair: how to proceed

  • Jan 13, 2021
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The Microsoft Outlook is not working properly you can repair the program, often in just a few clicks. How you can repair Outlook, we will show you step by step in this practical tip.

Repair Outlook safe mode, try

When you Start Outlook, many Plugins are loaded. This can be for any crashes to be responsible when they are obsolete or after an Update is no longer functioning properly.

  • Start Outlook , therefore, first of all, in safe mode, if the program does not operate normally.
  • You call the Tool "Execute" with the key combination [Windows]+[R] and enter in the text box, type the command "outlook.exe/save" in.
  • Confirm with the Return key, the program in the safe mode started. Now that there is no additional functions and settings are loaded, you can examine the individual Plugins.
  • Sometimes it is enough already, your Computer to shut down and restart. In many cases, the problems disappear by restarting.

Outlook repair with system control

They could not solve the Problem in safe mode, you can repair Outlook within the control panel.

  • To repair Outlook, you have to close the App if first. Open control panel and navigate here, under "programs" to "programs and Features".
  • Here you can not uninstall programs, but also repair. Click the Microsoft Outlook program and click "Uninstall/Change".
  • Select Modify in the next step, you have the choice between quick repair and online repair. The Quick fix is faster and without Internet connection, however, this variant is less safe.
  • Select that's why, if possible, instead of the online repair. To do this, your Computer must be connected to the Internet. The Software will then be repaired via this Internet connection automatically.
  • After the completion of the repair, the program should run as usual and reliable.
Outlook repair: Many of the problems with the repair function of the App how to fix
(Image: Nicole Hery-MoƟmann)

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