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What is Access? Clearly explained

  • Jul 10, 2020
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In addition to Word and Excel, Microsoft offers its Office Suite also lesser-known Software such as Access. We will show you what it actually is, and how the Software works.

Access - what is it?

  • If Access is a Software from Microsoft. Such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can also Access separately or in the complete Microsoft Office package can be bought.
  • With Access, you can create mainly database applications, and manage. Great programming skills are not required. Also a layman can operate the Software according to instruction.
  • The databases can be used both as Apps for the PC as well as applications for the Browser. After creation, you can make databases of all of the colleague is accessible.
Using Access databases to create

What exactly is a database?

  • In large and in small businesses a wealth of information to be stored in databases. With a database, for example, all the processes such as purchasing and distribution are handled. The advantage of databases is the clear structuring and simple handling.
  • Access can also control which employees can access which databases and whether he has the right to edit certain databases. For example, some employees in certain databases will be able to view only other but also self-edit.
In the next practical tip we show you where you can get free templates for Microsoft Access find.