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Powerpoint Handout create - so it works

  • Aug 09, 2020
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A great Handout you can also create directly in Powerpoint, and then to your audience distribute. A line for notes as well as a header and footer Powerpoint created at the request automatically. How exactly, we will show you in this practical tip.

Handout with Powerpoint to create and print

Note: These instructions apply to PowerPoint 2010, and may differ to other versions easily.
  1. Open your presentation with PowerPoint.
  2. In the top left corner, then select the tab "file" and then click "Print".
  3. Now, a print menu, and in addition, the current print preview appears. About the point "slides" you can set which pages you want to appear in your presentation on the Handout. The list of pages, separate them with a semicolon, for example 2;5;7;8;13;15.
  4. Including, select the number of slides to be found on a handout space. You can also decide whether the Handout is to have the note edge or not.
  5. You want to create a header or footer, click below on the "header and footer edit" and enter the appropriate data.
  6. Finally, you ask whether the presentation of the stages in color, with gray or in black-and-white print.
Handout with PowerPoint to make
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