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PowerPoint: graphics in header or footer insert

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Graphics can make any PowerPoint presentation to enhance, also in the header and footer. We will show you how you insert the graphics there.

PowerPoint: graphics in header or footer insert

A graphic in the header or footer, not the footer is mandatory. You can draw graphics alternatively, by Hand to the desired location on the slide.
  1. You can switch to the "Insert" tab, and click the Kartegorie "Text" on the Button "header and footer".
  2. Here you activate the desired functions. In this example we only enable the Option "footer", and write any Text.
  3. Then click on the Button "Apply" will be inserted in the footer only on the current slide. With "apply To all", all the pages in the footer.
  4. On the "Insert" tab and the "images" you can insert your graphics in PowerPoint.
  5. You can adjust the size of the graphic and place it in the footer. The marking of the footer helps you in a precise arrangement (see picture).
  6. Now copy the graphic using the key combination "Ctrl" + "C" and go to the next slide. Press the key combination "Ctrl" + "V" pastes the graphic in the same place.
PowerPoint: insert picture
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