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Outlook - the 5 most annoying features

  • Nov 24, 2020
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Outlook is a useful Email Tool, the program also has some annoying quirks. We will tell you in this practical tip the 5 most annoying features of Outlook and how you can deal with it.

Outlook-function 1: emails are automatically marked as "read"

  • As soon as you select messages with the arrow keys, they will be marked as "read" as soon as you hesitate when you scroll.
  • If you have this function on duration annoying, you can in the settings turn off.
Mails are automatically read as""

Outlook 2: Outlook does not send any Mails

  • Outlook sent sometimes for no apparent reason, no E-Mails. The reasons for this are varied and often not Readily.
  • The most common causes of this we have office solutions to the problem in this practical tip for you. So, for example, the wrong account may be the settings of the malefactor.
Mails are not sent

Outlook-function 3: Login problems

  • Password incorrect, E-Mail address wrong, forgot your password – often, users are stumbling through the Login process.
  • We have the possible causes for Login problems with Outlook here for.
Outlook Login does not work

Outlook-function 4: toolbar disappeared

  • For some users it happens that the toolbar disappears for no apparent reason.
  • In this Problem, a small file is to blame. What this file do, so the toolbar is shown again, we have here brought together.
Icon in the path bar in Outlook

Outlook-function 5: attachment has been blocked

  • Sometimes Outlook has blocked certain attachments for security. These then are not open.
  • Affected especially. EXE files blocked by Outlook, for protection.
  • But there is a simple solution to Open blocked attachments in Outlook.
Blocked attachments in Outlook
This practical tip is based on MS Outlook 2010 and 2013. Read in the next practice tip on how you can a deleted draft in Outlook restore can.