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Pages for Mac: set page margins - how to

  • Jan 15, 2021
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In this practical tip we will explain how you can set in Pages for the Mac side edges.

Pages for Mac: set page margins

You can open the appropriate document in Pages.

  • Hide the ruler in Pages.
  • In the ruler, you can then move the blue down-pointing triangle to your Liking. Right click on "Update" to your Text to the new page margin to adjust.
  • With the right-pointing blue triangle, you can determine the right edge of the page. Save the Change using "Update".
Pages: page margin setting (image: Pixabay)

Mac text processing: All margins set

You can not only change the right and left side of the page, but also the upper and lower limits of the document set.

  1. Click in the view top right of document. You realize the point of the small document icon.
  2. In the side menu that opens, find the section "document margins". Here you can enter the desired margins for top, bottom and sides.
Margins set in Pages (Screenshot)

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