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Mac OS X El Capitan: The are the system requirements

  • Sep 24, 2019
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Not on every Mac and MacBook, the new Mac OS X 10.11, the El Capitan runs. Also your Mac meets the system requirements, you can install the new operating system from Apple soon, and use. We will show you which Macs the Update.

System requirements for Mac OS X El Capitan

The exact system requirements are not announced by Apple yet, however, every Mac on the OS X Yosemite is OS running support X El Capitan. However, not all features on all models are also available at the El Capitan available. AirDrop and Handoff are not supported previously, will not change the El Capitan. The following Macs support the new Mac OS X.
  • iMac from mid-2007
  • MacBook Air from late 2008
  • MacBook from early 2009
  • MacBook aluminum from late 2008
  • MacBook Pro from mid-2007
  • Mac Pro from early 2008
  • Mac mini from early 2009
  • Xserve from early 2009
Mac OS X El Capitan
In the next practical tip we show you how to Mac OS X El Capitan prior to the Release install.