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What Apple is? Simply explained

  • Sep 24, 2019
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The name Apple has virtually each nowadays, ever. In this practical tip we will explain to you what Apple is and what is behind the company from Cupertino. In addition, we mention the main products of the company.

What Apple is? Simple Explanation

  • Apple is an American company that has its headquarters in Cupertino, California.
  • The company manufactures computers, Smartphones and other consumer electronics together with the associated operating system.
  • In addition, Apple's music, movies, and Software, such as Apps or Office sold programs.
  • With a market value of 247 billion dollars (as of 2015) is Apple the most valuable company in front of Google.
Apple - what is it?
Idea of Apple's iPhone

The products of Apple

The current products are characterized by the iOS product range, which provides about 75 percent of Apple's revenue.
  • iPhone: This Smartphone is the most successful product of Apple. The current machines are called iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and start at a price of around 600 Euro.
  • iPad: The Tablet Computer in the normal version and a Mini version. The current devices are the iPad Air 2 starting around 416 euros and the iPad mini 3 starting around 369 Euro.
  • Apple Watch: The smart watch only works in combination with an iPhone and allows you, for example, Mails and messages on the watch and answer. The Apple Watch is starting at a price of 399 Euro available. Our test report for the Apple Watch Sport 38mm you can here read.
  • Mac: The Mac division is composed of the iMac as an All-in-One PC with a screen from 1.249 Euro, the Mac Pro is the Premium model starting at around 2,900 euros , and the Mac mini as an entry-level model from 569 euros.
  • The Macbooks are portable computers, including notebook computers called. Here is it next to the Macbook for about Euro 1,333 , the Macbook Air starting around 830 Euro and the Macbook Pro starting around 1.030 Euro.
  • In addition, the operating systems, iOS for iPhone and iPad and Mac OS X for Macs and Macbooks to Apple's offer.
  • Also Apple sells some smaller products, such as an Apple TV to Stream movies and TV shows or some versions of the iPods to listen to music.
  • All current Apple products can be found in our price comparison.
What products are there at Apple?
Apple also has a service called AirDrop in its product portfolio. What's behind AirDrop is hidden, you will learn in the next tip.