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Mac: custom Icons for folders and files to create

  • Sep 27, 2019
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Custom Icons for Mac applications and folders you can easily create. This way you can give your operating system a new Look. The free Software "Img2icns" to help you. In addition to new folders, you also create your own file Icons. For already existing files you can find in the MacOS operating system is an Option, you can assign the Icons as desired.

Folder with your own images via "Img2icns" to create

In a few steps you create with the program Img2icns folder with your own photos and save them at your desired location.
  1. First of all, download the Software "Img2icns", on the site of the provider or in the Mac App Store.
  2. After the Installation, a rectangular area with the inscription "graphics will be displayed here", you push the desired image.
  3. Then click on the icon "folder" and select the desired location.
  4. Now, you will see your folder with a new Icon at the specified location. By double-clicking their folder, as usual, to open and manage, or via Drag-and-Drop files in the folder move.
Folder with "Img2icns" to create

Custom Icons for files and folders create

With "Img2icns" you can make your own Icons to give to already existing folders and files to a new look. How you assign these Icons then select files, read in 3. Paragraph of this practical tips.
  1. The best Icons in transparent PNG files to create.
  2. Either you design your desired Icon by using an image-editing program itself, or access them on the Google image search, which provides a lot of Material.
  3. You have chosen an Icon, slide it on the surface "graphics drop".
  4. Then select the button "Icns" and the desired location.
  5. Your Icon will now be exported as a. icns file to the optimal size and resolution.
Custom Mac Icons design

Custom Icons assign the desired files

After you have created your individual Icons, you must associate it with the desired files. That works very easily with a built-in function in the MacOS operating system.
  1. In a separate window, you should hold initially, the newly created Icon ready. Then navigate to the desired file or folder that you want to add a new Icon.
  2. Right-click on the "file/folder information" display. Alternatively, you can select the file by left click and then the command "CMD + I" at the same time.
  3. You can now drag the previously created Icon (icns file) onto the folder Icon in the opened information window. The old Icon is then replaced with your new Icon.
  4. Please note that you push the created Icon accidentally on the larger icon of your file under "preview".
Mac own icons for folders and files to create
This work, you can apply the steps on the drives Icons or program Icons.