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System Cache under Mac OS-empty - so it goes

  • Jan 24, 2021
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If your Mac is slow and jerky, can make a huge difference sometimes it's the System Cache. Read in this Praxisitipp how this works.

MacOS System Cache

Many systems have a Cache that can be emptied manually. What advantages can we explain in this practical tip. Below you can read how this works under macOS.
  1. To the System to clear the Cache, you must delete the folder "System/Library/Caches and Library/Caches". You want to in addition to the System Cache, the User Cache, you must delete the folder "~/Library/Caches". You must, however, hide the folder view can. In all these operations, you need to verify yourself as an Administrator.
  2. After you have deleted the folder, you should restart your Mac. Note, however, that both the reboot as well as the Open programs (if you have deleted the User Cache) takes longer, because the Cache needs to be rebuilt.
  3. Generally speaking, you should not delete your Cache too often. The MacOS System created him to launch programs and Apps faster. If you set up the folder due to space etc. to delete, it will be after the use of the Macs back to the same size.
  4. To delete the cache-folder is only recommended if some programs or even the whole System runs unstable or slow or jerky.
The MacOS-System-Cache
Read also how to you files and folders on your Mac, hide can.