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Mac Mini 2018: All The Info & Release Date

  • Jan 24, 2021
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The Mac Mini has more of a niche existence in the product range of Apple. By the end of 2018, the small computer is likely to be launched still new - so it, at least say numerous rumors. We summarize what is about the Release date and the data sheet is known.

Release date for the Mac Mini to 2018

The eighth and so far last Version of the Mac Mini released in 2014. Many of you saw this already as a sign that the sale of the Mac Mini would be phased out.
  • Apple has announced a new version of the calculator for the autumn of 2018.
  • In the past years, the Keynotes, where the new iPhone was presented were held, usually in September. Here, in 2018, the new Mac Mini could be shown.
  • An exact Release date is not fixed yet. The period from the autumn of 2018, but it is considered very likely.
The Mac Mini gets the 2018 Update (image: SMART)

Design and technical data

The Design of the Mac Mini has changed Apple in the last years.
  • Well, it would be possible, however, that the case is now a little flatter, and also in other colors like the popular space grey is available.
  • In the case of the terminals Apple especially on the new Standard USB-a or C. In contrast to the MacBook but should be enough to conventional interfaces are available.
  • The old Mac Mini you could order in the basic version with 4 GB of memory. Here, Apple is going to screw something up and at least 8 GB of RAM in the entry-level model pack.
  • The Mac Minis from 2014 with the processors Intel Core i5 and i7 equipped. This is very likely to remain so, with the latest Generation will be used.
  • As a mass storage probably only SSDs are used. Probably the cheapest model with 256 GB of storage comes.
Are you the purchasing decision is still uncertain, perhaps a comparison between the Mac Mini and the iMac more. You can find this in our next post.