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iPhone for free places

  • Oct 18, 2020
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Your iPhone you can easily and free-of-charge places. In the App-Store, you will find a number of suitable Apps. What what is suitable and how to use your mobile phone in case of theft or loss with the Apple iCloud can find, we show you in our tip.

iPhone for free via the App places

You can use your Smartphone with the Apps find My iPhone and find My friends free of charge places. This requires a second iDevice is. Both Apps can also access the GPS of your iPhone. It is disabled, or you have denied the access to it, not work location.
Tracking Apps

Tracking via "find My iPhone"

The App "find My iPhone" provides the fastest and easiest solution. A prerequisite is, of course, the search device is turned on and under her Apple ID is stored.
  1. Start the App on a iDevice, and log in with your Apple ID. It doesn't matter whether it is the iPhone of a friend or the iPad of your mother. Now your registered devices will be displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate device and on the map is the location displayed. The accuracy depends on the signal strength of the GPS signal. It is also displayed of the last contact with the device.
iPhone tracking

So friends your iPhone places can

The App "find My friends" can your iPhone even places here are, however, additional requirements are necessary. With this App, you can allow a friend who follows you to see the location of your smartphone. This you need to have in the run-up to be released. The location can also be done just by this friend.
  1. Now the owner of the device with his Apple ID logs on.
  2. On the device, your ID, and in the small map in the location of your iPhone displayed.
  3. With a tap of the finger on the Map, you can zoom in and zoom in.
iPhone tracking

Tracking via iCloud

In the case of theft or if your iPhone is lost, you can use this since iOS 4.2 using the iCloud places. To do this, go to the website in your Browser.
  1. After logging in with your Apple ID, you can make your iOS Devices via "find My iPhone" to locate.
  2. Once you have started the location service, you will be shown a map with the locations of your devices.
Positioning map in the iCloud