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Facebook privacy on iPhone setting

  • Oct 18, 2020
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In the case of Facebook privacy is not written to necessarily large, therefore you should set the privacy options on your iPhone accordingly. As well as on the website, the privacy are hidden settings something. Here you will find:

Privacy is hidden under the account settings

If you are in the Facebook App, open the menu you see at the very bottom of the account settings. There you will find all sorts of settings to your account. It is worthwhile in any case, once all of the points on click through, the most important two points are:
  1. Under the menu "privacy" you will find, among other things, points such as "Who can find you on Facebook?" or "Who can see your posts?". If you do not want your data with Strangers, you can click on each of these points, and the Option "friends" mark. Now, the respective information will be shared only with your friends and not with the whole world. Share information and posts with the whole Facebook community, you can click on "All". You want to make certain things invisible, click on "Only me".
  2. Under "timeline and tagging" in the account settings, you can select, among other things, who can see if you were tagged in a Post and who can see your timeline. Also here you can select between "All", "Only me", "friends" or the people from your lists.
Fb-privacy on the iPhone
Practice tip was carried out under iOS 6.1.3 on the basis of the Facebook App to Version 6.0.