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Virus-protection-for-iPad - necessary or not?

  • Oct 20, 2020
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For the Computer every has a virus protection, but what about mobile devices like the iPad? For Android phones there are numerous Anti-virus Apps and Firewalls, for the iPad, hardly anything can be found in the App Store, however.

Virus protection for Apple's mobile devices: Effective or useless?

In the App Store for your Apple mobile devices applications that you can protect really serious virus. And for good reason:
  • As long as nothing in the System of the iPad by a Jail Break, has been changed, the mobile operating system iOS is closed and secure. Attacks on the System by a Virus, therefore, are excluded.
  • Unlike, for example, in the case of a Windows PC, the iOS core is not for Apps. Applications run on the iPad, so to speak, in an isolated room. Some Apps have the permission to connect to other applications, however, each interaction must be allowed between Apps from Apple.
  • Unlike in the case of Android Apps, Apple can download-user only applications from the App Store. These have been previously reviewed by Apple. Thus, it is excluded that Apps tap into the pirated data.
Conclusion: In contrast to mobile Android devices you need for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, so in principle, no anti-virus protection. There are two exceptions however to this rule: Gejailbreakete iOS Devices are a security risk; likewise, the Downloads from Cloud services. This practice tip on both cases, again specifically.