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Sky GO: the HDMI lock bypass - how to

  • Oct 25, 2020
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You want to stream Sky Go via HDMI to the TV, you had to work around to date is always a lock. In the meantime, the Lock for some devices, are repealed. We will explain how the Streaming through HDMI works.

HDMI lock for Sky Go to deal

Depending on the device, other options are available to you. Here you will find all the variants.

  • Computer: for Many years, were able to use Sky customer, Sky Go in the Browser, this is now. The new Sky Go Desktop App for Windows and Mac many customers, although not good, but after all, not the Transmission via HDMI. Connect the PC or Laptop via HDMI cable to your TV. Launch Sky Go, you can enjoy the Stream on the TV. Here you will find more help to the HDMI Transmission.
  • iPhone: for licensing reasons, you can't transfer content from Sky Go from your iPhone or iPad to the TV. This applies to both HDMI Connections as well as wireless AirPlay Connections. Also, the following detour with you so far, Sky Go on Apple TV to stream could work no longer. Do you own an Apple TV, you can use the Sky Q App install.
  • Smartphone and Tablet: it is Similar, unfortunately, in the case of Android devices. The former detour with the Chromecast is now also no longer possible. Sky wants its customers to its own Hardware bind, for example, of the Sky Online TV Box. New the device 50 euros is quite expensive, on Ebay you can find however, many of the used equipment for around 10 euros.
Sky Go to stream via HDMI on the TV