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Mega chat set up so it works

  • Jul 10, 2020
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Mega chat is an encrypted Chat, with the video function of Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz. You can Skype the competitors in a few minutes We help you.

To set mega chat

Mega chat allows you to in real time with other Mega users, messages and files exchange. In addition, secure Video and voice calls supported:
  1. You create first an Account for Mega or login with your existing Account.
  2. You should use a new Account, you first need to select the free version.
  3. You land well in your Cloud-Overview. In the left-hand toolbar at the bottom on the Chat icon to open your conversations.
  4. To start a conversation, you need to add this before, under "contacts" one of your friends or Acquaintances. You can do this easily using the Email address with which he or she is in Mega is registered.
  5. You can also contact on the top right of the received requests to display.
  6. Once you have added a contact, you can simply click on its name or directly via the Chat menu to start a conversation.
Mega chat set up
In a further practical tip we with Doubt and clarify, whether the offer of Mega is legal.