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Account Mega set - so it goes

  • Aug 05, 2020
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Mega provides free Online storage of 50 GB. We will explain how you can set up an Account.

Account on the Mega set up

In a practice tip , we have Mega already presented, and the legal situation will be explained. Log in to Mega in a few steps.
  1. Go to the website "Mega".
  2. Select the top right next to the globe Symbol and "English" as the language and then click "Register".
  3. Now enter your desired user name, your E-Mail address and a password.
  4. Before you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of Mega agree, read it thoroughly. For this purpose, a good knowledge of English are important because the Terms and conditions are solely available in English.
  5. After clicking on "Register" allows you to transfer by Drag-and-Drop files to your personal Mega-the online storage.
  6. You also get a confirmation link to the specified E-Mail address. After you have followed the Link, your Account will be active permanently.
Mega: Registry
Other Online storage such as iCloud, Web.de and Google Drive we explain them in further practical tips.