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Telekom: Internet slow - it s may be'

  • Aug 05, 2020
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Slow Internet leads quickly to Frustration. What might be the cause, if your Telecom Internet is slow, you can find here.

Slow Internet at Telekom – at it's

If you have the Provider, telecoms and the Internet-leaves speed to be desired, this can have several causes:
  • If other people use with you to the Internet, you will not be charged the full bandwidth.
  • Similarly, Updates that are currently being performed can slow down the Internet speed significantly. This is also true for Up - and Downloads are running in the network.
  • Note that the Internet connection slows also, if the distance from the Router and the PC is too big.
  • Tip: Go with a LAN cable to the Internet. Wi-Fi Connections does not bring the full bandwidth. This is also true for DLAN Connections via the electricity grid.
  • Of course, problems can also be with Telecom for a slower Internet responsible. Therefore, you can be the customer support contact and support pray.
  • A faulty Router or broken (LAN)cable can sometimes be the cause. Here, too, we recommend you to contact customer service because of this perform measurements, and so the error can be contained.
Telekom: Internet slow

Telekom: Slow Internet - you can do

  • First go to this site and run a "speed test" by.
  • During the Speedtest, we recommend you to close all background programs.
  • In addition, you should perform the Test at different times of the Day, since the utilization of the Internet may be different.
  • Small deviations are normal. If more than 10 MB of your booked Fare vary, you should contact the customer support.
Currently, you should on fake Telecom invoices to pay attention to. How they know this, we will show you in our next practice tip.