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Facebook: New terms - you should pay attention to

  • Jul 31, 2020
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30. January 2015 the new terms and conditions of the social network Facebook in force. We have compiled for you before, what changes, and what to look for.

New Facebook terms and conditions: compulsory instead of freestyle

To anticipate it: you Want to use Facebook, you must accept the terms and conditions - whether you like them or not. You will not be asked explicitly. You log in from the 01. February 2015, at the Facebook to you agree to the terms and conditions automatically.
New the Social Network Facebook

Social Media or privacy, not both probably

Social networks such as Facebook are not really in suspicion, to see data protection as a top priority. They Finance themselves through advertising. And this is controlled via your user behavior on the Internet. With the new terms and conditions Facebook attracts even more data about you and your surfing behavior.
  • Advertising on Facebook is more personalized. Has been "interpreted" your search behavior to show them interesting products, is Facebook a step further. Your location data and your friends will be connected with the advertising partners. Are you looking for in the future, for example, in the Internet for a Laptop, you get in Facebook in advertising from the dealer around the corner.
  • In the new Facebook, you can go shopping even without leaving the social network. A "Buy"Button makes this possible.

What are you in the future Facebook should be aware of

As already mentioned, you can not get around the consent to the new terms and conditions, you want to continue to use Facebook.
  • Check often your privacy settings. With the introduction of new terms and conditions Facebook resets your previous settings namely.
  • Facebook promises to be, the data directives are to be in the future, shorter and easier to understand. But that is only because important points of the account settings have just been moved. You can find them in the guide "privacy basics".
  • You can see in the future, why they get certain advertisements displayed. An icon at the top right of the display you can see which target group you have been assigned to it, and also change. In addition, you can hide the ads.
  • Really ahead of the spy through Facebook, you can only protect, if you have your Facebook Account will delete and to an Alternative network access.
Do you want to Facebook at least a bit safer to use, you should contact our privacy tips and the Free Tool Clever Privacy view.