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Can I use Netflix in Germany?

  • May 31, 2020
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Netflix offers a large selection of Video-on-Demand, and after a long Wait, also in Germany available. If you are not able to access the Online video library, you will need to bypass the lock by a few Tricks, or to fall back on Alternatives. A couple of settings or other sites in which to do so already, so that you can enjoy a wide range.

Streaming Portal Netflix - Finally also for Germany

The Film and series platform is available in Germany since September 2014. Netflix itself has, in its official opinion on the appointment to the end of 2014.
  1. Open the Netflix website and start your free trial or log in with your user data.
  2. If you are not yet a member, then click on "get a Free sample month is enough to start". After this free month, you are automatically a customer of the service.
Netflix is now also available for Germany

Previously only with Proxy usable

If the web site of the Streaming-portal Netflix.com without changes in Internet settings called have, they got the note that the service for you in Germany can be used. Since it's a country lock was, they had to the identity of another country to accept, similar to the Handle of the YouTube lock.
  1. As a Browser is here Firefox used. With other browsers it works also.
  2. After you open Firefox, click the top left "Firefox". In the menu, click on "settings".
  3. Click on the top right of the "Advanced" tab, and then click the sub-item "network". Under "Connections" you will find the "settings"button.
  4. Now the "connection settings". Click on "Manual Proxy configuration". Enter Proxy data, which come from the United States. A list with such data you can find here.
  5. Confirm with a click on "Ok". Call now netflix.com and you will see that you can view the page without any restrictions.
  6. But also Add-Ons for your Browser to bypass the block any Countries. Well-suited are Stealthy and FoxyProxy.
Not available in your country...

Even faster: paid Proxy Tool for Netflix

  • A good one, but a paid Tool to get you in "unblock-us.com".
  • The advantage is that This program handles not only Netflix, but also any other countries lock, such as, for example, in the case of YouTube.
  • The Tool uses the DNS principle, and is much faster than other programs with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Price: Around 5 euros a month or 50 Euro a year is the Proxy Tool unblock-us.com. You can test the Tool for one week free of charge.
With Unblock-us watching movies

Alternative - By this provider series is also on your TV

If you are not with "Netflix" satisfied, then we have three good Alternatives:
  • Watchever for 8,99 Euro per month.
  • LoveFilm ab 4,99 Euro / month.
  • Maxdome from 7,99 euros per month or 99 cents per Film.
Netflix Alternative "Watchever"
Practice tip applies to Windows 7 and the Firefox Browser Version 21.0. If you like movies and TV shows love to watch our 3 Alternatives to because.to to and you can also learn whether free cinema movies legally are.